Digital Art Supplies

Freebie Friday - Photoshop Brushes by Jennifer Wagner

Happy Friday everyone :)  I felt compelled to spread a little sunshine and love so I pulled out my watercolors and pencils and created this "LOVE" image.  I have converted it to a Photoshop Brush (with two brushes - the watercolor letters and the pencil outline) and transparent .png files for those who don't use Photoshop and/or prefer .pngs.  These are high resolution brushes so if you are using an older version of Photoshop you may have to open the .pngs, resize down and then click Edit>Define Brush Preset.  

I hope you enjoy using these brushes and keep spreading good energy!

In my example image I have clipped a rainbow-y watercolor that I painted on top of the watercolor brush layer and added a stroke layer style in a pink/white radial gradient to it, which I then converted to it's own layer and masked in using a different watercolor line brush.   Download the zip file here!

Digital Plaster Chunks, 2 ways by Jennifer Wagner

Last week's Freebie Friday was a chunk of plaster that you could download for use in your art.

This is a little tutorial showing two ways you could incorporate this type of element into your work.

The first way is more subtle.  I created a background texture by blurring out a photo I took of a sunset and then heaped other textures on it in Photoshop while employing various blend modes.  At the end, I layered in some of my plaster chunks and set them to screen, soft light and overlay blend modes so they aren't recognizable but added the texture I wanted to the image. 

Here is the texture example:

After I felt satisfied with the results, I merged it all into one layer and saved as a JPG so that I could easily pull it into other compositions.  I used it multiple times in this photo below that I captured at Governor Dodge State Park in Wisconsin.

So that is the more subtle route.  Here is an example of using them directly in a composition.  This is slightly exaggerated, I created this image just to show how they can be used.  I started with a background image of canvas and then I brought in the plaster chunks to border the image.  Then I copied in my photo of a Japanese Maple tree which had been filtered to look like a pastel sketch.  I masked out portions of the image with watercolor look brushes.  Finally I used watercolor brushes and the colors in the maple photo to paint on top of the plaster.

Using plaster in this way, just gives the image more of a three dimensional look and adds visual interest.

Here is an example in a finished composition where the plaster is more subtle.

Freebie Friday - A chunk of plaster by Jennifer Wagner

On this Friday, I gift you with a chunk of plaster.  Well, virtual plaster made of pixels anyways!  This is a photo of plaster on a transparent background that you can use in your art.  Next week I will post about how you can use it if this leaves you scratching your head.   Click here for the high resolution .png file.