A Case Study of Inspiration: Part 2 / by Jennifer Wagner

Part 1 of this post is here.
After creating a piece that was very similar to the painting I was inspired by I moved on to these three pieces.  

I began each piece by dividing the background because I really liked that in my original inspiration image.  I consciously chose to divide the background in different orientations so that if viewed all in a row there would be immediate visual interest.  I also decided that I would use the same model and color scheme in each image.  I limited myself to four colors, the blue and and red tones were directly pulled from the model's clothing and hair.  White and black were the other two colors and then I decided to add some golden accents.  

After each piece was nearly finished I sat with it to figure out what quote I would put on each one.  I didn't want to impose a message arbitrarily; each image really inspired the quotes I paired with them.

In looking at these three images versus my original inspiration and my attempt to duplicate that, I can definitely see the influence of the original but each piece definitely took on its own look.