I find inspiration everywhere, I almost always feel inspired, sometimes too inspired! On many nights I have lost sleep because my brain is swirling with a million ideas.

People who have greatly inspired me over the years are Georgia O’Keefe, Romaine Brooks, Neil Gaiman, Alphonse Mucha, Frida Kahlo, Charles Rennie Mackintosh, Andrew “Android” Jones, Demetre Chiparus, Frank Lloyd Wright, Tamara DeLempicka, Alex Grey, Gabrielle Roth, Gaston, Lachaise, Tangie Baxter and Remedios Varo.

Nature, fairies, outer space, glitter, striking colors, sacred geometry, music, The Big Lebowski, photography, cute animals, and pretty much everything else under the sun and the moon also fuel my creativity.

My earliest inspirations were found at the Milwaukee Art Museum and in the stacks of my local public libraries. I would spend Saturdays poring over art books and dreaming of being an artist someday. I took every art class my high school had to offer but didn’t focus much on art once in college. I began dabbling in digital art as a hobby in the mid-1990’s. Working through The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron gave me the push I needed to develop a creative daily practice. I have had my work published in Somerset Digital Studio magazine and have sold art and crafts at fairs.

I live in Madison, Wisconsin with my wife who is a writer. We collaborate on affirmations and greeting cards. When not working on my art, I can be found dancing with hula hoops, hiking and most likely taking a million photographs along the way. I also enjoy making jewelry or hanging out with goats.